At Phoenix Evolution we believe that the process of transformation is both explosive, and gradual. Like the Phoenix, often in the crucible of the toughest times in our lives, our former selves explode in a fireball and we are then reborn anew from the ashes of our former selves. At other times, the change and growth is a gradual and constant evolution towards the ultimate end goal of whom we are striving to become. 


We’ve developed Phoenix Evolution to bring the strategies we’ve used the last decade with thousands of individuals (and ourselves) to :


1: Help build companies on track to do 7 figures of revenue in under 5 years


2: Teach the art of negotiation to earn $50,000 in raises in under 2 years


3: Help people overcome addictions and bad habits


4: Teach people how to financially support their families in a way that promotes healthy families and marriages.


It is our mission to help others to evolve and transform every area of their lives to be able to fulfill their own God given destiny. We believe everyone has a unique purpose to fulfill . However, without the best strategies and models of success in all the core areas of life, we’re prevented from achieving the success and achievement we desire. These barriers could be a low energy level and poor physical health, lack of time and financial resources due to ineffective methods of income creation, or unhealthy and dysfunctional interpersonal relationships.


Due to the nature of our private partnerships and strategies, we take few if any people into consideration that have not had a personal referral. Anyone whom we choose to consider for partnerships and entrances into our exclusive organization undergoes a rigorous selection process over several months to test authenticity of character and level of persistence. 


While most do not fulfill these criteria, we strive to provide written, audio and video content that will benefit you in your life and career. We hope to add value to your life and for you to be part of our vision to positively impact 100’s of millions of lives around the world!

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