Daily Sanctuary

Create a moment in your day to retreat back to when the storms of life rage against you. A safe refuge in the middle of the chaos of life.

Take 5 minutes to just breathe. No screens. No thoughts. No worries. Just be Present. 

Constant striving for the future disconnects us from the only reality we have- the present. 

Obsessing over mistakes and past transgressions is chasing the wind. Living here can be worse than living in the driving future.

Our past doesn’t exist. Neither does our future.

If we try to live in either we will always be but a transient ghost. 

There is no bigger travesty to our soul than trading what is authentic and real for the counterfeit and artificial. Living anywhere but the present is such.

Be present. We say we don’t have to time to.

But we truly don’t have time not to.