Life of Value

What values and beliefs are you spreading by your example? 

We are all influencing everyone around us; some people very little, some people very drastically. What are you stamping your approval on based on your habits and example? 

Do you stand for family? Or do you stand for your pursuit of personal hobbies? 

Consumerism? Greed? Selfishness?

Care? Respect? Courage? Selfelessness?

Do you stand for self care and temperance? Or are we promoting immediate gratification at the expense of our future? 

Our children and our followers and our employees and our coworkers don’t do what we say; they emulate what we do. They watch consciously and subconsciously and we train everyone around us how to act, how to treat us, how to behave and what to expect form us.

Be a billboard for the values and ethics you truly want to stand for; what you choose. Not what’s being fed to you by the social media, coworkers, family and friends. Make a conscious choice what you stand for and what you do not.

And live it