Seek Guidance


I firmly believe that we can’t be taught or BELIEVE something can be done from anyone who hasn’t already done it. I don’t think anyone can achieve the types of results in their life we’ve been blessed with (within a reasonable amount of time) without an unreasonable amount of study and mentorship.

All of us must find someone who has what we want in the area we want to achieve and immerse ourselves in how they did it. I succeeded by doing what universities expel you for, and entrepreneurship puts you on the front cover of Forbes for- I copied from those doing it.

You can’t learn to have a healthy marriage from someone who hasn’t worked hard to have one. You can not learn to have high sustainable levels of energy from someone who has not overcome their physical limitations of eating and exercising. You can not learn how to retire from traditional income sources from someone who hasn’t done it.

To start as an idealistic 18 year old with a dysfunctional, financially unstable family and questionable habits to now leading a company producing 7 figures of revenue with over 150 people, a prospering successful marriage, a healthy mind and body, and a daily stream of gratitude from people whom we’ve impacted is as surreal as a Salvatore Dali painting.To create this required different information, strategies and mentorship that could be offered by my peers, teachers or neighbors.

I had always felt a dichotomy existed. On the one hand, you could do things that mattered and impacted humanity: not for profit work, charity or mission work, work with disadvantaged people or those afflicted by geographical conditions or physical limitations; and not make a livable wage. Be a martyr unable to support themselves and prosper financially. Prosper your soul at the expense of your financial health.

On the other hand locking your soul inside and submitting to the soul-sucking reality of corporate America. Go into an industry that may not suit your level of contribution and desire but earn a living for your family while rarely seeing them.

Let me ask you a few questions -
Are you unhappy?
Are you able to fulfill on a daily basis the goals and dreams of your soul?
Are you able to dictate when where with whom you do things 24/7?
Can you choose to be with your wife or family or children at any time because that is the most important thing?

Then Let’s solve it.

Commit to seek out those who have accomplished what you genuinely desire; Those that have the fruits of success in the areas you wish to create the same. Seek them out. Sincerely humbly ask for their advice and help. I think you’ll be surprised how willing prosperous people will be to share if you come with a seeking spirit of humility and desire.


Anthony Kenneth Spark

Phoenix Evolution