Make a Choice

“When a rose grows from the concrete do you look at its scratches and marks? Or do you say Damn- That rose grew out of the concrete!” Tupac

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Our Genius is born from the ashes of our former selves; our failures and struggles. The ones among us who prosper have a unique combination of two things:

1- Choosing themselves and

2- Moments of grace they assign empowering meaning to.

This combination gives them the ability to know the depth of the vast internal resources they possess; to strive further than those who are unaware of their internal capability.

At 8 years old when my father had allowed his struggles and inadequacies to lead him to make choices that betrayed his own soul’s True North, I could see his soul trapped in a self-constructed prison; with bars crafted from bad decisions and locks of moral failures. I vowed that I would never allow myself to imprison myself in that way. Moment of Grace.

When we needed to get food stamps. When we had to move. When we had to move again. When we needed to get school supplies from a local church. When we had to move for the 8th time in 17 years. When my mom was working 7 days a week and moving slowly backward financially. I vowed I would do whatever it took to break out of this cycle. Moment of Grace.

I made the decision to choose myself: to break this legacy. To make different choices. To pursue a different destiny. To travel the path of contribution and inspiration; each decision a step towards a fate I had chosen for myself.

No one is born better or greater or gifted. We are all given brains that are almost identical. Just like a muscle- skill and affinity and talent are developed and grown. I do not believe in born genius or genetic giftedness. I choose to believe that we all can attain levels of mastery and excellence with a persistent commitment to failure and struggle.

We don’t know when or where or how we’ll find an indomitable spirit. You can not account for them through prediction. Race. Income. Education. When we read the biographies of the most influential men and women they more often than not overcame more adversity than the level of adversity that crushes most average people.

Right now- Choose yourself. Choose your destiny. Choose your path. The worst thing to do is not to chose incorrectly; It’s the guaranteed feeling of loss from not choosing at all.

Anthony Kenneth

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