The consequences of our actions are inseparable from our actions. All things that are done in the dark will always come to light - the challenge for most is the separation of time between the action and the consequence is so vast they seem uncorrelated.

One of the most liberating statements you can accept as truth is that we are in life based on our actions and responses to situations. By taking full responsibility for our station and position we also gain full authority to change it.

The caveat to this of course is you are living in a world and a reality that is privileged enough to have the technology time and resources to be reading (or writing)  this blog and pondering its philosophical implications in your life. 

This isn’t true for everyone in the world. 

The visceral imagines of the children born in war torn Sudan starving to death didn’t have the luxury of that choice. They are sickeningly at the mercy of the consequences of others choices.

But you do have the luxury. 

Until the responsibility for growing what we have is taken; no more will be released to us to steward.  Take a quick inventory of what you’ve done with your time money energy and passion the last few years- would you give you more the way you’ve used what you were already given? 

What will we do with our God given gift of having the ability to choose our reality today? Will we squander our resources we’ve been given and then ask God ( or the universe or complain)  for more? 

Take responsibility. Stop complaining and bitching. Be an example and use your influence and blessings to help those who don’t have those choices.