Opportunity Cost Paralysis

We all make choices moment by moment on what were going to do.

But what if you become paralyzed not knowing which choice to make?

Bad Strategy Number 1- List out all the Options/To-Do’s/Actions/Choices

Bad Strategy Number 2- Allow said list to drive you to avoidance, distraction, justification, and overwhelm

There is not one singular right choice. We have many paths and responsibilities to manage simultaneously.

The only wrong choice is to not make a choice.

You can not clearly see the ultimate destination from the bottom of a valley of indecision.

Begin to move and you’ll gain the clarity to organize your most important results.

Managing our lives by action items will always put us under the thumb of the tyranny of the urgent and the desires of others.

By getting clear on the ultimate outcomes and results we desire we can begin to naturally assign the value and proper opportunity cost to our action items.

Stop putting off making the decision.