My laptop was stolen Tuesday. I knew I shouldn’t be upset but I was.

I was most upset about my culpability in allowing it to be stolen. I hate making mistakes.

For the whole next day I told myself the story that I couldn’t do certain things and accomplish certain tasks because I didn’t have the proper tool; the Macbook Pro I bought this year was the 15inch top of the line model for video editing.

And I was upset about having allowed this to happen. A major mistake signals to my psyche to review for all other possible errors or mistakes and operates similar to Norton Antivirus did in the early 2000’s inventing 100s of errors that don’t exist

But none of the tasks I needed to do required video editing. I was effectively for all intents and purposes using a Lamborghini as a chair. You do not need 16 gigs of ram to write a blog post. Or to connect on social media. Or to do banking.

And having an item stolen from us is not our fault either.

But the stories we tell ourselves of what we need to do a task, why we didn’t accomplish the most important part of the day are stories. They mold our actions but are not based on anything tangible or real- Therefore we have the choice and ability to change them at any moment.

My laptop wasn’t stolen from me. It was stolen for me.

To remind me that everything that happens is a test.

For me to realize the amount of resources available at my fingertips.

To be more resourceful.

To remind me of the privilege of even having a $2,500 computer to be stolen

It was stolen to remind me that my best work doesn’t require the best tools- my best work requires me to bring my best self to show up. To be willing to be present and realize my power and ability.

What story are you holding on to thats effecting how well you perform?

Phoenix Evolution